Plane Spotter Management Software

Never again lose details of a sighting! Plane Spotter Manager allows aviation enthusiasts to quickly log, store, retrieve and report on details of all sightings and photographs for spotted aircraft.

No more lost notes or misplaced photographs. Store everything together electronically in this fully featured but simple to use plane spotting database.

What does it do?

Simply put, the Plane Spotters Management Database is a fully featured, simple to use software package that stores all details of sightings for aviation enthusiasts in one easy package.

Quickly and easily locate details of your entries and use the built-in reporting function for any paper records you wish to keep.

Utilise the dashboard screen to get a year at a glance of your spots with charts to show your spotting activity.

Build up lists based on your viewing history of Airlines, Aircrafts and Spotting Locations and add your plane spotting photos to your spotting log to build up your photo library.

Plane spotters everywhere enjoy using the software as a way to keep their logs in order and especially like the reporting functionality that the software offers.

At a Glance

Easily and quickly add entries to your log.
View lists of all your entries, sorted by different criteria
Build up lists of Aircraft, Airlines & Locations
Add images to your entries to build a photo library
Advanced reporting features of your sightings and sighting history
Backup and easily restore your data for if the worse happens